Lisa McAdams – Founder of Safe Space Workplace around Domestic Violence and bullying

My latest She’s The Boss Chats episode is with the incredible Lisa McAdams, Founder of Safe Space Workplace. Lisa is an author, speaker and wiorkshop facilitator all around domestic violence and bullying and how to manage that in the workplace. She is considered Australia’s pre-eminent Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) support trainer and is on a mission to build a society where we support, empower and help those impacted to rebuild their lives.

Oh boy, her story is something else. She has survived a life of abuse that most of us cannot imagine. From a childhood of extreme abuse where her family’s violent actions and words were a challenge in mental fortitude and endurance, through to a terrible marriage. In our interview we discuss her move to Australia, back to England and then back again, how her lack of schooling gave her a drive to be the absolute best at what she did, in order to advance her career, and how she has grabbed every opportunity given to her. The way she finally left her abusive husband with two young kids in tow and how the remark by a male colleague that domestic abuse was ‘nothing to do with work’ is what spurred her to to establish her business. This is one interview that will have you gripped from start to finish!

Jessica Hickman – Founder of Bullyology

My latest She’s The Boss Chats episode is with the inspiring Jessica Hickman – Founder of Bullyology

Jessica is woman on a mission to stop workplace bullying, and for a very good reason. After arriving in Australia in her early 20’s as a backpacker from Wales, she was thrilled when she was offered a role in HR for a massive oil and mining company. The job was based out of Darwin and promoised to offer her loads of opportunities to make a change. But then she came into contact with a toxic male manager and everything changed for the worse. Much worse.

After 32 complaints to head office, Jess was eventually listened to, but the company refused to fire the perpetrator and even though she has left now, another young woman has sadly had to go through the same thing. Since she has left, Jess has established Bullyology, written a book and has lots of plans for how to get her message out to as many organisations as possible. Workplace bullying is NOT acceptable.

Fabiola Campbell – Founder, Professional Migrant Women Mentoring Program

My latest She’s The Boss Chats episode is with Fabiola Campbell – Founder, Professional Migrant Women Mentoring Program.

Fabiola is the Founder of the Professional Migrant Women’s Mentoring Program, which she set up after spending yearstrying to get a job after arriving here from Venezula (even though she was born here and has an Australian passport). Fabiola’s story is one that will get you thinking. She was born here when her father, a surgeon, was sent here to learn how to do kidney transplants (Melbourne was the best in the world at the time), and she grew up with her father fondly remembering his time here nd teasing her about being an ‘Aussie’. So it’s hardly surprisinmg that she decided to move here for a better life, in her late 20’s.

She describes the ‘shock’ of realising that her English wasn’t good, and that her qualifications (she was a Criminologist) weren’t really recognised here. It took her a long time to buoild her networks, get a good job and settle in. So now she wants to help other professional migrant women acclimatiose themselves faster.

Chrissie Davies – Behavioural expert for children and Founder of From Chaos to Calm

My latest She’s The Boss Chats episode is with Chrissie Davies – Behavioural expert for children and Founder of From Chaos to Calm. Chrissie is an educator, consultant, writer, loving mama via an open adoption, and passionate advocate for understanding children with challenging behaviours. She is committed to empowering and supporting families to live the life they truly deserve. Chrissie is a force to be reckoned with. Her love for children is evident and her consulting practice, From Chaos To Calm works closely with the parents to offer strategies to help them manage their child, and is highly regarded and sought after. Chrissie’s career has taken her from regional Victoria to London and back, learning all about the best educational proactices for children. When she returned to Australia after working with disadvantaged children in London in a wonderrful school, fired up her enthusiasm to work in a similar environment here. And she found one!

These days Chrissie runs her own behavioural consultancy for parents, but she didn’t stop there! She also has grown a community of business women from Melbourne’s inner west on Facebook. She is an absolute firecracker and a go-getter so this interview shgould make you all fired up and ready to get going!

Belinda Jennings, Founder and CEO of Mum Central

She’s the BOSS Chats episode with Jules Brooke.

Belinda Jennings is the Founder of Mum Central, a community with over 800,000 Australian Mums. How she started the business and grew the community is a fascinating story. Belinda started off her entrepreneurial career by jumping into her parents’ luxury houseboat business to take on the marketing, build a website (back when the internet was a baby) and handle the growth of the business from one to a fleet of boats! After her first baby was born, she decided to put her secondhand baby stuff up for sale online, and so her journey began.

These days Mum Central is a busy site for Mums of all ages covering off products, services, a community forum and lots more. Listening to how Belinda took part in an Accelerator program, how that made her look at her business differently, and that she raised funding to grow is fascinating and really inspiring. She also talks about her relationship with her team and how they all work together to be flexible but also get shit done which will leave you thinking you wish you worked there!