Lisa McAdams – Founder of Safe Space Workplace around Domestic Violence and bullying

My latest She’s The Boss Chats episode is with the incredible Lisa McAdams, Founder of Safe Space Workplace. Lisa is an author, speaker and wiorkshop facilitator all around domestic violence and bullying and how to manage that in the workplace. She is considered Australia’s pre-eminent Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) support trainer and is on a mission to build a society where we support, empower and help those impacted to rebuild their lives.

Oh boy, her story is something else. She has survived a life of abuse that most of us cannot imagine. From a childhood of extreme abuse where her family’s violent actions and words were a challenge in mental fortitude and endurance, through to a terrible marriage. In our interview we discuss her move to Australia, back to England and then back again, how her lack of schooling gave her a drive to be the absolute best at what she did, in order to advance her career, and how she has grabbed every opportunity given to her. The way she finally left her abusive husband with two young kids in tow and how the remark by a male colleague that domestic abuse was ‘nothing to do with work’ is what spurred her to to establish her business. This is one interview that will have you gripped from start to finish!

Jessica Hickman – Founder of Bullyology

My latest She’s The Boss Chats episode is with the inspiring Jessica Hickman – Founder of Bullyology

Jessica is woman on a mission to stop workplace bullying, and for a very good reason. After arriving in Australia in her early 20’s as a backpacker from Wales, she was thrilled when she was offered a role in HR for a massive oil and mining company. The job was based out of Darwin and promoised to offer her loads of opportunities to make a change. But then she came into contact with a toxic male manager and everything changed for the worse. Much worse.

After 32 complaints to head office, Jess was eventually listened to, but the company refused to fire the perpetrator and even though she has left now, another young woman has sadly had to go through the same thing. Since she has left, Jess has established Bullyology, written a book and has lots of plans for how to get her message out to as many organisations as possible. Workplace bullying is NOT acceptable.

Fabiola Campbell – Founder, Professional Migrant Women Mentoring Program

My latest She’s The Boss Chats episode is with Fabiola Campbell – Founder, Professional Migrant Women Mentoring Program.

Fabiola is the Founder of the Professional Migrant Women’s Mentoring Program, which she set up after spending yearstrying to get a job after arriving here from Venezula (even though she was born here and has an Australian passport). Fabiola’s story is one that will get you thinking. She was born here when her father, a surgeon, was sent here to learn how to do kidney transplants (Melbourne was the best in the world at the time), and she grew up with her father fondly remembering his time here nd teasing her about being an ‘Aussie’. So it’s hardly surprisinmg that she decided to move here for a better life, in her late 20’s.

She describes the ‘shock’ of realising that her English wasn’t good, and that her qualifications (she was a Criminologist) weren’t really recognised here. It took her a long time to buoild her networks, get a good job and settle in. So now she wants to help other professional migrant women acclimatiose themselves faster.

Chrissie Davies – Behavioural expert for children and Founder of From Chaos to Calm

My latest She’s The Boss Chats episode is with Chrissie Davies – Behavioural expert for children and Founder of From Chaos to Calm. Chrissie is an educator, consultant, writer, loving mama via an open adoption, and passionate advocate for understanding children with challenging behaviours. She is committed to empowering and supporting families to live the life they truly deserve. Chrissie is a force to be reckoned with. Her love for children is evident and her consulting practice, From Chaos To Calm works closely with the parents to offer strategies to help them manage their child, and is highly regarded and sought after. Chrissie’s career has taken her from regional Victoria to London and back, learning all about the best educational proactices for children. When she returned to Australia after working with disadvantaged children in London in a wonderrful school, fired up her enthusiasm to work in a similar environment here. And she found one!

These days Chrissie runs her own behavioural consultancy for parents, but she didn’t stop there! She also has grown a community of business women from Melbourne’s inner west on Facebook. She is an absolute firecracker and a go-getter so this interview shgould make you all fired up and ready to get going!

Belinda Jennings, Founder and CEO of Mum Central

She’s the BOSS Chats episode with Jules Brooke.

Belinda Jennings is the Founder of Mum Central, a community with over 800,000 Australian Mums. How she started the business and grew the community is a fascinating story. Belinda started off her entrepreneurial career by jumping into her parents’ luxury houseboat business to take on the marketing, build a website (back when the internet was a baby) and handle the growth of the business from one to a fleet of boats! After her first baby was born, she decided to put her secondhand baby stuff up for sale online, and so her journey began.

These days Mum Central is a busy site for Mums of all ages covering off products, services, a community forum and lots more. Listening to how Belinda took part in an Accelerator program, how that made her look at her business differently, and that she raised funding to grow is fascinating and really inspiring. She also talks about her relationship with her team and how they all work together to be flexible but also get shit done which will leave you thinking you wish you worked there!

Jenn Donovan – Social media and marketing coach, speaker and Founder of a Facebook group with over 270,000 members

Another great She’s the BOSS Chats episode with Jules Brooke.

Jenn is an absolute sweetheart! After growing up, and living in rural Australia for most of her life, she has had a very entrepreneurial career culminating in the ridiculously fast growth of her Facebook Group, Buy From a Bush Business, which at the time of our interview had over 272,000 followers after just 8 months! But it all started with a law degree and a conveyancing business in her 20’s. Then, one late night after a few too many drinks with her bestie, she and Jenn decided to open a shop. Best friends since they were 14, they had always said they would find a way to work together, and this was it!

Their little shop became bigger and bigger, morphed into a foodie destination and then, after sevven years they decided they wanted to pull the plug. It was time for something new. So Jenn partnered with a marketing specialist and spent the next 18 months travelling all over and learning about social media and marketing. Wanting to give back to her rural community, this was follwed by establishing her social media and marketing coaching business, her Small Business Made Simple podcast, and then she got on the speaker circuit. So her Facebook group has been a huge surprise but she has learned a lot of good lessons she shares with us. This is a very inspiring story!

Amy Bastow – Founder of The Virtual Piano Academy, composer and musician

Amy Bastow – Founder of The Virtual Piano Academy, composer and musician

My latest She’s The Boss Chats episode is with the amazing Amy Bastow (Jorgensen), composer and the Founder of the Virtual Piano Academy. It’s not often you come across a creative musician who also has a huge entrepreneurial appetite. Amy is a fabulous surprise! After being brought up by her incredibly supportive mum and Grandmother in a tiny outback NSW town, Amy was inspired to get into music, and in fact spent her teenage years in her family’s band, playing on weekends. The piano was her first love and she learned as much as she possibly could from the local piano player which her Mum organised for her in exchange cleaning her house. A sacrifice that has totally paid off!

Amy really wanted to go to uni and qualified for the Sydney Conservatorium but her Mum wasn’t able to afford the fees, so the ever-resourceful Amy won two scholarships to cover her education and accommodation and spent four years getting her degree. Once she left, she couldn’t find any work so she created a website, knocked on every door she could and ended up being rung by Channel 7 to ask her to compose for the award winning show Winners & Losers. That opened lots of doors for Amy, including working for the famous Hollywood Director, James Cameron (Titanic, Avatar) and she continued composing until COVID hit. Since then she has set up a Facebook group called Composify to support other composers, and she was still teaching piano… until her lightbulb moment came after trying to teach remotely via zoom. She has now set up the Virtual Piano Academy (wait til you hear the solution to her problem!) and intends to grow it globally. She’s also doing her MBA. This is a woman to watch!!

Jane Mara – Intuition expert, speaker and author

Jane Mara’s career as an intuitive intelligence expert, speaker and author of two books on the subject, started in advertising land. After an illustrious start, working as a media buyer for some of the biggest ad agencies in Australia (and the world), she went to the ‘client side’ and continued to run marketing departments for some of the big banks. It was only when she mentioned the importance of ‘gut instinct’ and that people should be paying attention to it in business, and her suggestion was responded to with derision and lack of understanding, that she decided it was time to go out on her own.

She talks about her adventures along the way, and how using intuition and gut instinct has helped her, and her clients, in their lives.

Cate Peterson – Founder of YogaHive and Off The Mat and yoga evangelist

Cate Peterson is the most amazing woman and you definitely feel a better person after you have spent time with her. She truly wants to make a difference in the world and she is doing it with Yoga as the core. She has created Yoga Hive, which brings together hundreds yoga practioners from all over the country and thousands of classes, so that we all have access to them and book in a type of yoga, and a time that suits you for classes.

She has also created Get Off Your Asana, a fabulous initiative to help education yoga-virgins about what it can do for your mind, body and spirit. They target non-yoga (and even no-exercise) people to encourage them to explore, and hopefully fall in love with yoga. She also has another business called Off The Mat, where she creates sustainable yoga mats (most are plastic) to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Cate is one-in-a-million! She is so kind, non-judgemental and peaceful, you will love her!

Kylee Stone – CEO & Founder of The Performance Code and passionate about helping women reach their potential in business

Kylee is a woman on a mission. After a long career in marketing strategy with large media organisations, Kylee inadvertently started working with other women in corporate who wanted support and help. This slowly evolved into the launch of Team Women Australia. Kylee’s stories about how this came about are inspiring.

After her work affected her health, she decided to go out on her own and offer guidance, leadership advice and coaching for corporate women who want to take their career to the next level. She also focuses on health as one of the pillars of success. These days Kylee is CEO and Founder of The Performance Code, she’s also the host of The Uncharted Leader Podcast – Ignite Your Passion, Purpose and Potential.

Pinky McKay – renowned lactation expert, author, speaker and the Founder of Boobie Foods

Pinky McKay is Australia’s greatest asset when it comes to breastfeeding Mums! From starting her career as a nurse, she quickly became fascinated with breastfeeding and after qualifying as a lactation nurse, she set out on her own. Starting with consultations, she built her practice until she was the go-to person for anyone having breastfeeding, or sleeping problems with their new baby. She’s so kind and compassionate that no mother is left feeling unable to cope. “It’s normal,” says Pinky.

But it’s the last ten years that have really established Pinky, both financially and in a business sense. Although she was a published author, had received stacks of publicity and created parenting videos, it was when she created Boobie Bikkies that things really took off. Now, as the CEO of Boobie Foods, and turning over seven figures, Pinky’s foray into products has changed her life and will be an inspiration for any woman who wants to expand. It’s never too late.

Susan Morrice – Geologist and the founder of an oil company, Belize Natural Energy (BNE)

Susan is the founder of an energy company in Belize. Her story is amazing! As an Irish woman, and a geologist, she explains how she just ‘knew’ there was oil under the surface, even though all the big oil companies had drilled 50 wells with no success. And she struck oil on her first go!

Susan explains how she persevered when others had given up, her great partner and inspiration, Mike Usher and how going to Educo changed the course of her life for the better. Her company is now the biggest revenue generator in Belize and they have created a model that benefits the people of Belize, her employees, her investors and mother nature. We’d call that a win-win-win-win and so does Susan.

Georgina McEncroe – founder of the Shebah rideshare service

Georgina McEncroe, Founder of Shebah, the female rideshare service, is one of the most successful business women in Australia. She’s also super-nice and lots of fun to chat to. She has done soooo much! From starting out as a teacher, to travelling, creating an award-winning Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, or collecting testimonies for the War Crimes Tribunal, George has done it all.

She has been divorced and been fired from her job on radio, but the culmination of all this experience let her to go for it when she first identified the gap in the market for a safer type of taxi service, where people could trust that their children would be driven safely, that had baby seats and where a woman can hire another woman to take her home, if she has had too many drinks on a night out! Shebah’s crowdfunding capital raising was once of the highest in Victoria, raising over $3 million from 3000 small investors. Watch this space as Shebah becomes a household name.

Louise Mahler – Global keynote speaker, ex-opera singer and expert in voice and influence

Louise Mahler is an absolute joy to chat to! An internationally renowned speaker and executive coach, she is also very funny and has loads of stories to tell. From growing up in the suburbs of Brisbane, Louise headed off to Europe and sang in operas from Vienna to Stuttgart and everywhere in between. And then she realised she had had enough and returned to Australia, a young divorcee with a small baby in tow.

This led her to find a ‘proper’ job so she worked with a big mining company in ‘Quality Control’ for a few years before leaving to focus on helping leaders have a voice of influence and a charismatic presence. “It’s all about communication,” she says. Starting off with free talks and working her way up to being able to command a fee of $US25,000 for a one hour talk in a stadium in the US, Louise has a career many Australian’s would envy. And yet she is still down to earth, generous and humorous with her stories. One to listen to!

Kate Toon – Misfit entrepreneur , SEO, and copywriting queen

Kate Toon is a well loved and a very popular woman for good reason. She’s just the best person to talk to when it comes to building your own business because she is super generous with her information. This chat was no different. From her first trip to Australia as a backpacker, Kate was always going to kick arse.

After working in agencies (her first job was creating an ecommerce site for Marks and Spencers back when people barely knew what a website was), she went on to become a copywriter and then, aftyer the birth of her son she decided to go out on her own. Make no mistake, Kate has worked very, very hard to get to where she is now but it’s been worth it, as she will say. She has two membership groups – one for SEO and the other for Copywriting – and is now venturing into the area of building a personal brand. She’s such a dynamo, and a really fun person so this chat is well worth listening to!

Meredith Cranmer – Co-Founder of Because, passionate about helping brands create great experiences

Meredith’s story of how she co-founded the Because agency, one that specialises in brand experiences, is fascinating. It all started with a trip to London at the start of the 2000’s. During her time there she got a job working for a new company called because. Run by a very entrepreneurial woman, Meredith worked her way up through the ranks but wanted to go home to New Zealand (or certainly closer!) so she thought about getting back and setting up her own agency, when serendipity stepped in. Her ‘boss’ was keen to be the co-founder and seed fund the startup.

Meredith talks about what it was like to land in Sydney with her husband. She knew no one and had $150K and a laptop as her starting point. She talks about what it was like to win a massive project with CUB when she was starting out, and what it was like to lose it because they didn’t have an office in Melbourne. Something she now has, and CUB is a client again. It’s a great story!

Stephanie Woollard (OAM) – Founder of Seven Women, a crusader for those less fortunate than ourselves and a total mover and shaker!

Stephanie is not your average woman. She always wanted to give back, from a very early age, so when she was on a trip to Nepal and she found 7 very poor, and disabled women huddled together without any of the basic necessities she decided to start there. Her NFP, Seven Women, has now helped thousands of Nepalese women by teaching them skills so they can support themselves and their families. This has led her to an Order of Australia Medal, speaking at the UN and all over the world about what she is working on and how every person can help to affect change.

I spoke to her while she was in Melbourne during the COVID lockdown which has obviously cutailed her travel, but not her passion or ambitions for her organisation. She explained what a rock her Mum (and family) have been throughout her whole career and how, with their support she is continuing to do things that will make change happen. She is soon to release a documentary and is going to teach herself PR. Her story is very inspiring!

Megan Del Borrello – Founder of Behind The Brands and champion for successful female founders

Megan is an absolute dynamo. Based in Perth, she is the founder of Behind The Brands, a group focused on helping successful female founders with networking, advice and training. Megan was Managing Director of a marketing agency when her first child was born. She was driven and ambitious but soon found that agency life was not suited to flexible work so after many years, she decided to set out on her own. After parting ways with her business partner, Megan decided to focus on Behind The Brands. With two young children to juggle, Megan is doing amazing things to help women get ahead and take their business to the next level. Her passion for supporting female founders is certainly something Jules had in common with Megan and the conversation was filled with optimism and an agreement on the potential for women moving forward.

Melissa Dunbar – Event Producer and the Founder of Big Fish Events Group

Megan is an absolute dynamo. Based in Perth, she is the founder of Behind The Brands, a group focused on helping successful female founders with networking, advice and training. Megan was Managing Director of a marketing agency when her first child was born. She was driven and ambitious but soon found that agency life was not suited to flexible work so after many years, she decided to set out on her own. After parting ways with her business partner, Megan decided to focus on Behind The Brands. With two young children to juggle, Megan is doing amazing things to help women get ahead and take their business to the next level. Her passion for supporting female founders is certainly something Jules had in common with Megan and the conversation was filled with optimism and an agreement on the potential for women moving forward.

Julie Hirsch – Co-Founder of Eloments Organic Tea, Fair Trade advocate and award winning business woman

Julie Hirsch is one of the most inspiring and driven women in Australia when it comes to being kind to the planet. She is the Co-Founder of Eloments Organic Vitamin Teas as well as being winner of the 2020 Telstra Business Womens Awards for Victoria and being featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Asia in 2020.

Starting of in the US as a young woman working on the 2016 election, she fell in love and moved to Australia. Julie is super passionate abouyt Fair Trade and she and her partner Nicole have had a very steep learning curve setting up Eloments Teas. From sourcing the fair trade tea, to manufacturing (they have a patent pending for their process), to disrupting supply chain logoistics, to securing a contract with Woolworths to range the teas in 650 of their stores witrhin 6 months of launching, this woman is one to watch. This is a hugely inspiring episode.

Jennifer Bishop – Founder of Mindful Life Training and wellness advocate after experiencing ill health from stress

Jen Bishop was a high-flying go-getter from an early age. Burning the candle at both ends, she became a LinkedIn expert, in demand all over the country and was busy, busy, busy. Then her body broke down from the stress and her life as she knew it was over. She had to reinvent herself in a way that made it possible for her to manage her health.

Jen’s story is inspiring and cautionary. She now has a business called Mindful Life Training where she helps corporates avoid putting their staff into an unhealthy. stressful situation by coaching them in mindfulness and wellness.

Fiona Harris – Co Founder of The Drop Off, Actor, Writer, Author

Jen Bishop was a high-flying go-getter from an early age. Burning the candle at both ends, she became a LinkedIn expert, in demand all over the country and was busy, busy, busy. Then her body broke down from the stress and her life as she knew it was over. She had to reinvent herself in a way that made it possible for her to manage her health.

Jen’s story is inspiring and cautionary. She now has a business called Mindful Life Training where she helps corporates avoid putting their staff into an unhealthy. stressful situation by coaching them in mindfulness and wellness.

Candice DeVille – Co Founder of CoPilot Crew and ecommerce and digital expert

Candice has an amazing story. Back in the early 2000’s when no one really knew what a blog was, she and a handful of others formed The Bloggerati and drew hundreds of thousands of followers. At the time Candice (who is super stylish!) wrote about vintage fashion and beauty.

Fast forward a decade or two and Candice is now using her expertise in digital marketing to make a difference to businesses, alongside her true partner and Co-Pilot, Hunter Boyle. Candice’s story is inspiring as she talks about her passion for digital and how she got to where she is now.

Julia Ewert – Known as The Negotiator and a sales coach extraordinaire!

Julia Ewert, aka The Negotiator, is a truly inspiring woman who is helping business owners everywhere understand sales and how to sell without being ‘pushy’. From being bullied in her school years to turning it around and owning 5 properties by the age of 30, Julia is the true meaning of the word ‘go getter’. Her story of her years in the corporate sector, her rapid rise to the top and then her decision to start consulting is fascinating.

When she is asked about women that have helped her entrepreneurial journey she talks about how a really negative management relationship shaped her, as well as the woman who was a brilliant role model for management. She offers some great advice as well as inspiration. And her ultimate goal “to ‘retire’ her husband”, a FIFO worker is fabulous. This is a fantastic story of determination and business nous!

Michelle Brown – Paper crafting enthusiast who runs From Picture To Page and Beyond when she’s not being an engineer!

Michelle Brown’s business is called From Picture To Page and Beyond. She is a mad paper crafter and one day, out of the blue almost, she made an offer to the woman who was running her favourite crafting show, and it was accepted! So Michelle, who is an engineering consultant when she’s not running crafting events, has plunged herself fully into running events for hundreds (her biggest one has thousands) of paper crafting enthusiasts.

Then COVID-19 struck and she was initially so desponmdent as the entire model for her business relied on supporting craft retsailers and fans through live events. But never one to give up for long, she quickly set up a home studipo and started running craft demonstrations online that are shared on YouTube and her website. She also opened an online craft store. Michelle is one of the lovliest, most thoughtful women on the planet and this story is one that’s sure to inspire you to give running a business a go!

Melanie Dancer – Founder of Out of The Blue, ex Police Officer who helps people transition out of the Force.

Mel Dancer is only new to the entrepreneurial journey but her story is so interesting that she has to be heard! Mel is an ex Police Officer. She had always wanted to be a detective and loved her years in the Force, but they were very, very stressful. Mel describes what it was like to work across some pretty full-on crime scenes and how it affects your psychology.

Mel realised that when most people leave the Police Force to go back to the private sector, they need support. They need to be taught about job interviews and LinkedIn and the sorts of roles they could apply for (other than security) and that is what she offers through her cleverly names business, Out Of The Blue. Mel is so generous with her story, you will be fascinated.

Chamaine Lovett

Chamaine is the co-Founder of Gin Birds and is a total inspiration. Her business has definitely benefitted from COVID-19 and the lockdown. It’s always inspiring to hear of businesses flourishing during this period. Chamaine moved to Australia seven years ago as a qualified health professional with many years of experience in corporate and nursing under her belt. but she has always been an ideas person!

After meeting her business partner at school drop off, they decided to run events around wine and started a business liaising with the wine producers in the Hunter Valley. Then COVID and the iso period struck and so in person events were off the menu. Then they decided to apply the same ideas to gin – but hold them online. She is now running (as a side hustle), The Gin Birds which is a subscription gin business, The Gindex, which is an index of all of Australia’s great gins with notes and the ability to buy and a gin blog that has been voted one of the top 5 in the world!

Chamaine is juggling a leadership role in corporate, the Gin Birds business, her 3 adult children, her 8 year old son and a hubby with a sore back. Listen to this episode if you want to be motivated – or you love gin!!

JJ Ferrari – Co Founder of Go Bold, helping women be their best in business, transition specialist

JJ Ferrari is the founder of Go Bold, a business that makes it really easy for small and medium enterprises to find legitimate experts in a range of fields. After an illustrious sales career in the USA, JJ moved to Australia to be CEO of the Anthony Robbins organisation here. Her breadth of knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit and experience planted the seed for a new business opportunity – enter Go Bold.

Many years ago JJ was John. Her transition journey and her drive to help others make her a fantastic guest. She is very generous with her stories, (you should see her TEDX talk) and she has used her experience to apply the concept of change and how to manage it, to all aspects of business. You should also hear her quirky fact about problem solving!

Growing up, the most powerful people in her life were women. Women, who were at home, solving problems, looking after everyone, taking care of everything, and taking it all in their stride. From a young age she saw women as powerful people and experts in our ‘internal arts’, and strongly believes that women need to help other women. JJ also believes that whomever you are is who you attract, and that to be open to success, you need to be flexible to your intuition and let the world bring the answers.

Kylie Bartlett – Co Founder of Digital Talent Group, The Web Celeb, author, speaker

Kylie Bartlett is amazing! Her business, The Digital Talent Group is just the latest in a long string of businesses she has started – the first one being an RTO that she sold in her early 20’s. She then became a speaker and has spoken at conferences and events all over the world, focusing on social media for businesses. Her book, Friends with Benefits, all about Facebook marketing was the impetus for the speaking gigs.

In 2019 Kylie decided to go back to what she loves, and set up The Digital Talent Group as a way of giving back. The idea is that they train unemployed ang young people in social media marketing, putting them through a course that gives them a fully recognised accreditation. then they employ them to work on people’s small businesses. Brilliant! COVID-19 threw a curve ball though, just as they were pitching to VS’s for funding!

In this episode Jules and Kylie talk about her entrepreneurial journey from dropping out of school to where she is today, what she has learned along the way and where she hopes to take the business. Jules and Kylie have known echother for many years so there is a lovely familiarity in their conversation.

Beverley Honig – Award winning entrepreneur, Senior Uni Fellow, Chairman, Director, Judge

Beverley Honig is the founder of Honeylight Enterprises, a business she has built over the last 25 years across a number of industries. With an extensive law background, including a judgeship with the ESC and time as a multilingual, inter-continental lawyer, and vast experience as an accomplished business director with an MBA, Beverley is a fine example of what happens with a positive mindset and open mindedness. Opportunities do indeed come along.

Utilising her law expertise, Beverley ventured into the world of shopping centre redevelopment for the likes of Coles Myer and managed the largest shopping centre portfolios at the time. Then came the birth of Honeylight Enterprises, bringing together Beverley’s specific way of thinking as a lawyer and strategic management theories to help businesses with improvements in the areas of growth, profitability, processes, product innovation and culture.

Today, Honeylight Enterprises has expanded into commercial developments in upcycling shipping containers, block chain for indigeneous cultural intellectual property and the exciting ‘TV talking machine’ for the aged care industry.

Beverley has built an empire and mentions that a large part of that success is attributed to being able to know when to delegate to specialists, and extending herself and learning the hard stuff. Beverley loves what she does and talks about the idea of ‘success in progress’. It’s about continuous learning and not having regrets as there’s always an upside; ‘there’s a reason for everything and it’s usually in your favour if you see the light’.

Naomi Lambert – Founder of The Cool To Be Kind Project – spreading kindness globally

Naomi Lambert is the founder of The Cool To Be Kind Project, an initiative spreading worldwide kindness through very simple small acts of kindness. It all started in the lead up to Christmas 2017 when Naomi noticed a youth knock over an elderly lady without stopping to help or see if she was OK. That was Naomi’s eureka moment and it got her to thinking about how she could spread kindness in the world.

Naomi comes from a place of resilience and love. Having gone through a devastating loss in her life, she had to grieve, find a way to acknowledge the pain and find happiness in everyday life. Naomi overcame the obstacles, changed her mindset and came into the light again.

From a small venture started in 2017 with 50 message cards randomly dropped in public places prompting kindness in those lucky enough to find the cards, The Cool To Be Kind Project has had a massive impact. There was the fellow who gave up a Christmas lunch to take out a homeless man to a nice restaurant for lunch and the 52 week Kindness Challenge with recognition from the likes of Arianna Huffington. Goes to show that a little bit of kindness and effort can go a long way.

Louise Larkin

Louise Larkin is founder of Friend in Me, a company that creates all-inclusive parties so that all children can be involved. The concept has been created to ensure ‘no child gets left behind’ and Louise is a woman who gets stuff done!

Following a career in event management for Crown, and after having a ‘lightbulb moment’ on the way to work one day, Louise has stopped at nothing to help thousands of little kids have fun on their birthdays and be invited to the humongous parties she puts on. She wants kids to feel comfortable to embrace their uniqueness and, with the amazing events she puts on, they have the perfect opportunity to do so.

Louise keeps it real and talks about how she was at such ease with her decision to start her business that she felt as if a weight lifted once she concentrated on it full time after leaving her corporate career. You will love her sense of humour, her stories of kindness and she is a woman to be totally admired as she is also juggling a young family at the same time. She credits her success to persistence, online networking and surrounding herself with supportive people.

Susan Jarvis

Susan Jarvis is the founder of the Spicy Boudoir, which aims to boost the confidence of diabled people and people over the age of 50 and help them embrace their sexuality. Susan mentions that she her self just turned 50 a few years ago and noticed that, from her age group onwards, talk about sex seemed to be taboo and suggests this could have had something to do with the time in which this age group was growing up. She wants to open up the conversation and help older people feel comfortable in talking about their sexuality

Susan saw a need in the market and met it, with a tailored online adult sex toy shop for those over 50 and for those with disabilities. Her target audience is bang on because when trialing activity on Pinterest, she received a lot of interest – not surprising given the high arts and crafts content on the medium. She also launched the business with a n=bang! A highly successful PR campaign she did herself.

As a first time entrepreneur over the age of 50, and having worked within the health industry in her previous career, Susan bravely stepped outside of her comfort zone from the 9-5 to start her own business. In the interview, she talks about all of the research she did and the operational efficiencies she’s employed to keep down storage costs for physical products. Susan is passionate about her mission and product, and it’s clear that she has established a business that works for her.

Laura Piccardi

Laura Piccardi is the founder of Uppy which provides much needed life and performance coaching. She is also a speaker, presenter and the author of Unfaked. Having grown up in an enterprising family and running a number of businesses in Australia, Laura is now parlaying all of her experience to lift the lid on businesses in a fun and entertaining way.

As a result of the time she gained over the isolation period of COVID-19, Laura has reassessed what she really wants to do – and from now on will be a small business satirist. How cool is that?!

Being a native Brit and having moved to Australia 10 years ago, Laura is fearless in her approach to business, having tried a few adventures and businesses before landing on the one that’s right for her.

Having experienced and overcome severe stress, Laura also comes from a place of authenticity in being able to help others in their own personal growth. Her idea of lifting the lid on business and creating business satire is brilliant, and her mission is to make businesses more relatable to people whilst providing meaningful entertainment from her platform.

Polly McGee

It’s hard to know where to start with the accolades for this incredible woman of many talents! An early adopter of digital technology and a huge fan of yoga and ‘being of service’, Polly’s interview is fascinating. On her website she describes herself as an ‘All Purpose’ human but she is also an author, speaker, business strategist, yogi and good hustler.

As one of only 400 people worldwide to have attended Brene Brown’s master course and become a Certified Dare To LeadTM facilitator, these days she and her business partner, Zoe Coyle (who also did the course), are running workshops around the country through their company Pilot Light.

Jules and Polly have known each other for a few years now so they discuss how they met and their combined love of startups, female founders and innovation in all its forms. They move on to Polly’s emergence from academia and her curiosity about the digital world. She has been at the forefront of innovation for decades now.

Polly’s lust for life, her certainty that she was put on this planet to be of service to others and her mixture of ‘woo woo’ and business savvy makes this an interview not to be missed.

Lora Starling

An industry veteran in graphic design, Lora Starling is the founder of Starling Design, a business spanning decades across Australia and the UK. Lora’s design philosophy is based on the emotional centre, resulting in designs that resonate. She loves a bit of woo woo and has spent a lot of time exploring the influences on a brand.

During the chat, Lora talks about how her experience at large design firms helped her shape her own business and her point of difference in creating brands and designs that actually mean something.

With a positive mindset, Lora talks about how being an entrepreneur has taught her to learn from life crises, that perceived mistakes are actually learning opportunities to do better next time and that it’s important to be one’s true self, have a back-up plan and a stellar support network.

Jo Munro

Jo Munro is the founder of The Savvy Shopaholic and Media Savvy, bringing together her diverse experience in sales and business channel development, retail and media commentary. As a female founder, Jo made the leap from a corporate career to entrepreneurship through simply doing what makes her heart sing and pushing through the fear.

Jo talks about her inspiration in teaching, developed during her time as a passionate ballet teacher, and building relationships within her corporate telco career, her nous in retail shopping habits, and the life experiences that all lead to her establishing her businesses that essentially helps people and businesses alike get from A to B.

As an expert media commentator, appearing regularly on TV as the Savvy Shopaholic and as a business consultant at Media Savvy, Jo helps educate businesses about how to be prepared for any media interaction. She bridges the gap between businesses and media, making it an easier process all around.

Anne Miles

Anne Miles is the founder of Suits & Sneakers, an international creative services company, but she has done sooo much more! As a female founder she is constantly juggling clients, the work she needs to do on the business in terms of strategy, and the implementation. Luckily she has a super strong work ethic – which you will hear about in the interview.

In this interview Anne explains that she felt moved to go out on her own after suffering from bullying, ageism and sexism in the workplace for many years. As one of the brightest young women in the advertising and creative industries in her early career, she went on to hold very senior roles in a number of big name agencies – and corporate businesses – until she started being discriminated against.

Turning the negative into a positive, she decided to help other amazing creatives who were looking for projects to work on, or even employment. She had a number of challenges in the process of setting up her business but has managed to get around all of them.

Karina Bruce

Karina Bruce is an unstoppable force! As a curvy model, and the co-founder of Hear Us Roar, a marketplace for fashion designers who specialise in curvy women, she is determined to change things in the fashion industry – and no doubt she will!

In this episode Karina and Jules discuss what it was like for Karina as a young woman who experienced bullying for her size at school, and how she eventually was persuaded by a friend to try out as a model. Her description of how she felt (sure of rejection) when she walked in the door of Vivian’s Model Agency is one many women will relate to. But she was booked immediately!

It was after Karina met her business partner, Blaize McCann, that the two like-minded women decided to set up Hear Us Roar. They were so fed up with the lack of fashion choices for women over size 14 (by the way, size 16 is the average woman’s size in Australia) that they sourced the best designers and brought them all together in one place.

Karina and Blaize set out to find VC funding and Karina tells us what that was like. Unfortunately their timing was a bit off as it was just before the Bushfires and COVID-19 isolation period but nothing will keep these women down!

Karina’s quirky fact is a classic too. Listen for it towards the end!